Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop – Recordings

After several years performing solo Bill & Sue teamed up to produce “Red Shoes” their first CD as a duo. Bill and Sue combined a number of their own songs with that of some of their favourite songwriters such as Lucinda Chodan & Dave Clarke, Ron Hynes, and Shelley Posen. Guest musicians include Terry Tufts, Dave Clarke, Don Reed, Tom Szczesniak, Vern Dorge, Brian Barlow Paul Mills and Grit Laskin.
Produced by Bill at Inception Sound Toronto
Seems To Me was recorded at The Millstream in Toronto in 1999 and produced by Paul Mills and Bill. This was the beginning of Bill and Sue’s singing together and featured among others Randy Kempf, Jack McFadden, Tom Leighton, Chris Coole, Don Reed, Dan Whiteley, and Bev Mills.
The album was released on Borealis Records
This self-titled recording is Bill’s first commercial release. The album was recorded at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton Ontario in 1979/80 and released on the Woodshed/Posterity label thanks to David Essig (Woodshed) and Harvey Glatt (Posterity)

The album was produced by Bill’s long-time pal Paul Mills and engineered by Daniel Lanois. The players include Curly Boy Stubbs – guitar, Dave Essig -mandolin, Ron Dann – pedal steel, Mike Francis – electric guitar, Spanish dobro, Kim Brandt – bass and Dave Lewis – drums. Additional vocals provided by Dave Essig, Jude Johnson, Randy Kempf and Stan Rogers.